18 September 2023

E-MRS Fall Meeting: Symposium “S”

Symposium on metal halide perovskites for photonic applications: from fundamentals to devices

E-MRS Meeting, a bi-annual event of the European Materials Research Society, will be held from 18 to 21 September 2023 in Warsaw (Poland). During this E-MRS Fall Meeting, members of the PoLLoC consortium are organizing the symposium title “Metal Halide Perovskites for Photonic Applications: From Fundamentals to Devices”.

One of the objectives of this symposium is to bring together experimentalists and theoreticians who are investigating various fundamental processes in perovskite nanomaterials, from the synthesis, surface chemistry and optical characterization to theoretical modelling and light emitting applications. It aims to provide a forum for discussing the most recent scientific discoveries that bridge the knowledge between material science, optoelectronics and quantum technologies in these exciting research areas.

Registration is OPENED NOW!

Submission deadline for abstracts: 5 June 2023

There will be the prizes for “Best Oral Presentation” and “Best Poster” that will be selected among the PhD students and postdoc during the symposium. For PhD students in the entire E-MRS Meeting, we also have “Young Researcher Awards” and the winner of “Three-Minute Thesis Competition”. So stay tuned and see you all there!

Hot topics of the symposium:

  • Nanocrystal assemblies
  • Weak to strong confinement regimes
  • Quantum and dielectric confinement
  • Optical/NLO/pump-probe/ultrafast/terahertz spectroscopies
  • Ultrafast diffraction/ultrafast dynamics
  • Quantum (optical) effects, quantum light sources
  • Many-body physics (exciton, multi-excitons; fine structure, exciton-phonon; exciton-photon)
  • Weak to strong coupling regimes
  • Perovskites in optical microcavities (polariton condensation, polariton simulator,…)
  • Coherent/Collective phenomena/correlated physics
  • LEDs; optical modulators; optical switches; Li-Fi; photodetectors (not PV!), sensors …

Confirmed invited speakers:

  • Philippe Tamarat, Université de Bordeaux (FR)
  • Ivan Shelykh, University of Iceland (IS)
  • Ivan Mora-Sero, University Jaume I (ES)
  • Aditya Mohite, Rice University (US)
  • Simon Kahmann, University of Cambridge (UK)
  • Grigorios Itskos, University of Cyprus (CY)
  • Feliciano Giustino, University of Texas Austin (US)
  • Carole Diederichs, ENS Paris (FR)
  • Maryna Bodnarchuck, EMPA (CH)
  • Dario Ballarini, CNR Nanotec (IT)
  • (List to be updated…)

Scientific committee members:

  • Maria Angeles Chamarro, Université de Sorbonne (FR)
  • Emmanuelle Deleporte, ENS Cachan (FR)
  • Giulia Grancini, University of Pavia (IT)
  • Quentin Jeangros, CSEM (CH)
  • Ioannis Koutselas, University of Patras (GR)
  • Maksym Kovalenko, ETH Zürich (CH)
  • Pavlos Lagoudakis, University of Southampton (UK)
  • Linn Leppert, University of Twente (NL)
  • Efrat Liftschitz, Technion (IL)
  • Rainer F. Mahrt, IBM Research Europe – Zurich (CH)
  • Hamid Ohadi, University of St Andrews (UK)
  • Juan Martinez Pastor, Universidad de Valencia (ES)
  • Annamaria Petrozza, IIT Milan (IT)
  • Paulina Plochocka, LNCMI Toulouse (FR)
  • Qing Shen, Univ. of Electro-Comm. Tokyo (JP)
  • Jacek Szczytko, University of Warsaw (PL)
  • Thorsten Wahlbrink, AMO GmbH (DE)
  • Bernard Wenger, HELIO DISPLAY Materials (UK)

Symposium organizers: