The research foundry AMO GmbH is a non-profit SME specializing in R&D for micro- and optoelectronic applications. AMO’s mission is to act as a pathfinder for innovative technologies for nanoelectronics and nanophotonics for the German and European industry. One of the main activities at AMO fall within research on More Moore and Beyond CMOS devices in cooperation with leading European academic and industrial partners. The strength of AMO lies in the implementation and demonstration of novel devices and architectures at a prototype level. The team has long-standing expertise in nanoelectronic devices, from nanowire / FinFETs to ultra-thin body SOI. Research on new material has led to the demonstration of high-k / metal gate integration. In recent years, AMO has become a global player in 2D materials research for electronics and photonics. Current highlights of the photonic research focus on introducing new materials onto silicon and silicon nitride waveguide platforms and include the world’s first integrated perovskite lasers, ultrahigh speed photodetectors based on CVD-grown graphene and silicon organic hybrid modulators for highest data rates. Furthermore, low-loss silicon and silicon nitride nanophotonic waveguides, efficient coupling structures, optical ring-resonators with high Q factors and ultra-fast all-optical switches up to electro-optical modulators have been demonstrated by AMO.

AMO has successfully coordinated several European Projects on graphene and silicon photonics devices (GRAND, Circles of Light), has a leading role in the Graphene Flagship and participated in many industry-driven national and EC funded projects.

Persons in charge of the project

Thorsten Wahlbrink (Principal Investigator)

Max Christian Lemme

Stephan Suckow

Jen Bolten

Also among «Partners»

CNRS ETH Zürich IBM Research