CNRS at JNPV 2021

14 September 2022 by Tan Nguyen
Invited talk by Prof. Jacky EVEN during the JNPV 2021 meeting in Dourdan (France)

The National Photovoltaic Days JNPV (Journées Nationales du PhotoVoltaïque), organized by the French Federation for Photovoltaic Research (FedPV), is meant to create an annual forum for the French scientific community to share their results  and perspectives on photovoltaics.

An excellent opportunity to meet people, to exchange understanding or ideas in an informal setting and even initiate future collaborations! Besides, the event aims at encouraging the necessary interaction between the academic and industrial partners for a rapid and succesful implementation of photovoltaic devices.

On this occasion, the CNRS partner has presented their relevent outcomes and progress made within the European project PoLLoC during JNPV 2021. Prof. Jacky EVEN gave his invited talk focusing on the state-of-the-art understanding about large scale instruments based on perovskites, the promising materials that form one of the building blocks of our proposed polariton logic circuits.

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