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New optical switch approaches peak energy efficiency

In Nature, POLLOC researchers from IBM Research Europe – Zurich, Skoltech, the University of Southampton and several other institutions report on their success in making an extremely efficient, ultrafast all-optical switch that brings the input power necessary for the switch close to the lowest possible limit – single photons.

HPERO lectures by Gabriele RAINO

Dr. Gabriele RAINO, Principal Investigator from our ETH Zurich partner of POLLOC and a HPERO lecturer, has delivered an amazing course about solution-processable perovskite quantum dots.

The GDR HPERO 2021

The thematic school HPERO organised by Dr. Claudine KATAN, Research Director and Principal Investigator from our CNRS partner

Our paper on Advanced Optical Materials

Find out about our recently published work on turning the undesired photoluminescence blinking into useful stuff for super-resolution optical microscopy!

Take a look at our JACS paper!

Discover how we quantify optically induced polaronic distortions in CsPbBr3 perovskite nanocrystals via ultrafast element-selective probing, from our paper on JACS.

A virtual kick-off for PoLLoC

PoLLoC has been officially started, while all participants remained at home, we gathered online to discuss great science!
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